Business Integration Gurus (613) 715-3285 CMS Website Ottawa Looking for a CMS website Ottawa? Call us we would love to discuss your website or CMS project. We are an Adobe Business Catalyst partner.
Country Canada
State/Province Ontario
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CMS Website Ottawa (613) 715-3285

Business Integration Gurus (613) 715-3285

CMS Website Ottawa

Looking for a CMS website Ottawa? Call us we would love to discuss your website or CMS project. We are an Adobe Business Catalyst partner. Business Catalyst is an all-in-one hosted Content Management System created for website companies and small business owners.
It’s electronic marketing resources let you construct and host websites that rank well, are simple to handle and contain the features you require to manage a successful online company.

“An Online Business without Monetization, Marketing Strategy & Analytics is just a simple Web site.”

  • Web Sites “Mobile & Desktop”

Responsive design It’s all about a better user experience. It is a website development method that detects the user’s device and dynamically adjusts the layout of a site and content according to the size of the screen of the device. The the same content is capable of being presented in a three-column format on a desktop, two-column format on a tablet, and one-column format on a smartphone.

  • Copy Writing

Copywriting We outsource our copywriting to the professionals because copywriting is an essential element of effective online marketing. Writing dynamic and compelling content is the art.

  • Customer Data Base

CRM database comes integrated with all of our web form, eCommerce, membership, reporting and content management features, enabling you to serve your customers better. Collect customer information, build and send email campaigns and much more.

  • Social Media Management and campaigns

Social media tools is a must-have for any business if you want to communicate with you customers and grow your domain authority. All our platforms are full integration with Social Media. Plus we can create and manage your social media profiles and campaigns.

  • Shopping carts

Our incorporated shopping cart allows you to sell physical products with all the typical tools you’d expect including inventory management options all integrated with popular shipping providers, and a range of global payment gateway solutions make our eCommerce solution a  powerful feature.

  • Photo Galleries

Looking to showcase some of your business work or projects? We got you covered. You can easily create photo galleries and bulk update gallery items by dropping images into a folder. Client management of images has never easier.

  • Blogs

Our blogging tools are designed to be easy to use and easy for our owners to manage their content. We include all the features you’d expect from a robust blogging platform, including integrated features to display content on your blog or any other place on your website.

  • Content Marketing Campaigns

For marketing, it gets interesting when you leverage from the integrated features of your business website and make them work together. This is where our integration will provide robust solutions for your business where most other systems will struggle.
We provide you with a built-in Email Marketing module and the Blog module to blast out the latest blog posts or email blast automatically with no manual work needed.

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a significant role in the growth of any business. Let us tell your story, captivate your audience and inspire them to act. We got you covered in-house.

  • Video Production

Are you looking for great online content? We are experts with video and audio production, One of our owners has a background in video and audio and worked with many government departments and other organizations over the years

  • Search Engine Optimization

We can assist you with pay per click (PPC) or organic search engine optimization. just remember that organic (SEO) takes time to produce results in comparison to (PPC) Google Adwords that may produce results earlier. The major benefit of organic search visibility is that it is evergreen. I will not go away like your Google Adwords results. The more organic optimization you have on your pages, the less you will need Google Adwords

  • Personalized Customer Service

We offer fast and friendly personalized service and will come to your location to discuss your needs. Is like a shop at home service and we are confident that you will find value in our services and after-sale support.

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