Another Blow Link Building Business Listing Sites

October 15, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business Directory Listings,links

another blow link building business listing sites

Another blow to link building and the thousands of business listing sites and blogs.

Google and Bing removed the ability for the public to submit their URL for indexing.  These public links allowed anyone to send a URL to Google or Bing. The days of public indexing of websites are finished.

Starting this year 2018 the landscape for indexing has changed. You can no longer submit a site or a page to Google or Bing if you don’t have a webmaster account.

The search engine article said. We’ve had to drop the public submission feature, but we continue to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.

So what does this mean for the massive amount of business listings sites on the web? I think It’s a warning shot across the bow signaling “perhaps it’s time to clean up our act if you want to remain relevant.”

At BusinessNap, build credibility with the major search engines is essential to our existence. We are a young business, and we have to be credible if we want to survive.

We have no choice but to work hard to preserve our credibility as a business listing site with the major search engines. If we don’t, search engines might categorize us as just another spam backlink site.

No option to submit for indexing

Paying a contractor on Fiverr or any other agent to post your listings is fast becoming a waste of good money. With the lack of indexing options, It’s harder for them to guaranty that your listing pages will show up in the search.

We have tested a lot of listings that was posted to our site over one hundred and twenty days ago, and they are still not indexed.

As soon as we add our magic touch to the listing including submission to Google & Bing, internal links to the page, and distribution through our social channels, indexing happens relatively quickly.

Backlinks are essential for two reasons. It sends link juice back to your website. It’s an issue the search engines are very much concern about. I’m sure you will agree that a link back to a business from a business listing is convenient to the end-user. It enables the user quick access to a website to get more information about what you do.

Search engines are facing the problem of misuse of backlinks on listing suites and recently by automated software that can create and post hundreds of blogs within a short period. To help solve that problem search engines have decided to give priority to the website that is registered inside the webmaster portal

another-blow- for link building.
Businesses are soon going to wake up and realize this fact. Paying someone to post business listings on the web indiscriminately is a waste of money. It has to be done correctly to make a difference

Changes to what get’s approved

We are now implementing some changes to our business model. These changes are not free, but they will ensure that your listing gets indexed and show up in a search. What the sense of building a citation if the search engines can’t find it.

We will now be offering two listing options. The first option will still give you the ability to list for free. The second option is an enhance gold listing. Let’s talk about the two options in more details.

First of all and from now on, all listings will be pending till approval. We will not post a listing without vetting it and getting the businesses approval.

If the business listing owner has no idea about his listing or doesn’t care, it will get deleted. This work takes time and effort. That the justification for our small fee.

Cockroaches will disappear when the lights go on:)

Let’s discuss our two new options

Option One Free Listing.

  1. You are allowed to post a free business listing or citation.
  2. Before your listing goes live, we will contact you to verify that you or your agent posted the listing.
  3. Backlinks are now considered an enhancement feature. Your free listings or citations will NOT have backlinks. You do not need a backlink to be regarded as a legitimate citation.

Getting your page indexed and in the SERPS requires time and effort on our part. The nominal fee we charge goes to support our staff, domain, and upkeep of our website infrastructure. We use modern tracking tools like Rank Tracker from SEO Power Suite; we also have access an account at SEMrush and KWFinder, so we got you covered.


Option Two Enhance or Gold Listing.

  1. The price of a gold listing is 00 dollars yearly
  2. Before your listing goes live, we will contact you to verify that you or your agent posted the listing.
  3. Review all listings to ensure that you provided all the relevant information for a proper business listing and citation.
  4. We will adjust your listing title and content to help you rank in a search
  5. Manually submit your listing to Google and Bing via out webmaster portal. (We can do that because we own the site)
  6. Make sure that the link you provide points back to your home page so that you could enjoy the benefits of the link juice.
  7. To help you get indexed quickly, we will post your listing to all our social channels. They include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Plus, we will send you your social links, so you have the option of sending them out again through your social channels.
  8. Send monthly reports to confirm your business listing page position in search.


We are sorry to implement our pending feature, but we have noticed that bots and automated software do most of the business listings postings. We are a relatively new site within the last two years, and we have over ten thousand free listings. If we don’t take action now, search engines will categorize us as just another spam link site. If that happens, it will be impossible to get any listings indexed.

My final thoughts

Google and Bings move to disallow public submission is just another blow to the never-ending cat and mouse game of link building. I am sure the back-hat link building industry and with the help of technology will counteract. It’s just a matter of time.