How to Build a Good Business Directory Listings

February 19, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business Directory Listings

Build a Good Business Directory Listings

How to Build a Good Business Directory Listings

It’s all about optimizing your business listings. Read on as I explain how to build the perfect listing that stands a good chance of ranking in a search.

A business directory is an online list of businesses within a particular niche and plays an integral part in the local search.
There are numerous advantages to building directory listings for your business. I would say citations and NAP are the main reason for building listings. Directory listings also increase your prominence around the web.

It expands your odds of your business being found in the search. But to do so, you have to build a good listing. It’s not enough any longer just to enlist your business on a couple of websites. I say go for it. List your business on as many sites that will allow you to list. Ok, let me go into the details.

Ranking and Location

Ranking any page is all about relevance, prominence, and proximity. As generic as it is, a business directory listing is no exception. One of the most critical factor to remember is that All Searches Are Local.

Let me give you a quick example. If you are in Miami Florida and you need to find a car rental company, Google is not going to show you car rental results for Orlando Florida. My point is, all searches are local.

The plumber that’s ranking in the local-pack and on the first page of an organic search in Houston Texas will not be on the first page in Waco Texas. So try to give the search engines as much information about your business location as possible.

Choosing Your Title

Title description is an essential part of building a good business listing and are easy wins for SEO. The information provides a summary of the content of your listing. Search engines will display this information by default on the web.

Title information is also competitive. Sometimes this information will decide if your listing is going to show up in search results or not. SEO gurus will tell you that a title is one of the most significant on-page ranking factors.

If your title description is competing with a similar or exact Title description in a search, usually, the website with the higher domain authority will win the race to the top of the search page.

It’s a good idea to do a little research before deciding on a title. Try to craft a title that is somewhat unique but still describes your business and location. Your competition should be less, as it is worthless targeting title keywords phrases that are already targeted by high domain authority websites.

Video Transcript Text

In this video, I will show you how to research the competition of a title phrase on google. It makes no sense trying to rank for a keyword phrase that is dominated by a high authority website. It’s crucial that you put your words in brackets. That means I am asking Google only to show me who is using the exact title on the web. My results came back with only three (3) results. Usually, I am concerned with who those results are from, but in this case, I don’t care. If all my other ranking signals are correct, I will show up on this first page for my title keyword phrase.

Directory Listing Description

Creating Business listings are a do it yourself task. No one is working behind the scenes correcting title information or meta descriptions. You are on your own.
Your description is an essential part of building a good business listing. The first three hundred and fifty (350) lines of information provide a summary of the content of your listing. Search engines will usually display the first paragraph of your description information by default on the web.
In that first paragraph, you should showcase the significance of your business including what you do or sell, the details of your location, zip code and, a call to action like your phone number.
Search engines will show your description in search results typically when a user searches for a phrase contained in the first paragraph. Providing your business is within proximity of the search. Remember, all searches are local unless you specify where you want to search.
Your first paragraph It’s the only chance you will get to make a first impression on a searcher, and its primary purpose is to produce clickthroughs from search engines to your listing.

Search engines also have a responsibility to the end-user. Google want’s everyone to have a good user experience on the web. When Google crawls a listing and discovers that it has thin content with low or no added value, it gets flagged and will never appear in the top fifty (50) of a search. You can read more about little or no original content guidelines .



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