Referral Key Tips Building Active Network

October 29, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ free advertising sites

Referral Key Tips Building Active Network

 Why are we members of Referral Key

Referral Key Tips Building Active Network

Let’s be honest with each other not everyone is going to be interested in our goods or services. It would be nice, but it’s not realistic. But there are different compelling ways we can help each other’s businesses. There are no benefits to building a network of five hundred members if we are going to sit and do nothing with it.

Members of Referral Link are influential and powerful, but most of us haven’t realized it. No one is educating us on how to harness the power of his or her connections and use it correctly to grow our businesses. Sure posting an ad about your business makes good sense but there are many other aspects of growing our business that we can do.

For instance, I visited a few FaceBook pages of members in my team. After reviewing, I clicked on the like button for some, and for others, I left a five-star review. Most of my referral relationships haven’t figured out the importance of a 5-star review or how it can build trust and benefit their business on the web.

If your network has a hundred members, you should have at least twenty-five (25) five-star reviews and sixty likes on your FaceBook page. And that’s just one aspect.

You have a captive audience, use it to grow your other social profiles.

In my assessment of my connections on Referral key, I noticed that a lot of my colleagues do not have FaceBook presences. FaceBook is the most powerful and authoritative networking system on the web.

The authority of FaceBook networking is 100%, in comparison to Referral Key which is about 40%. It’s good that we are onboard early with Referal Key, but we have to make it work for us.

Social media is your most powerful SEO tool. I’m not advocating to drop Referral Key, on the contrary, I am saying “ you need to add Facebook to the mix as one of your marketing tools.” Not sure if anyone noticed, but Referral Key has a FaceBook like button by your name, they are using FaceBook and so should we.

Knock knock who’s there? Opportunity

Let me give you an example of how Referral key network benefits me and some people in my connection. First of all Referral key has created the perfect platform to build your relationships. Now what you do with it is up to you.
I have members of my network that figured out how to use Referral Key. They understand the fact the not everyone is interested in buying there products and services.

Show Each other Some Love

We can still help our connections in different ways. Did you know that I have over a thousand link on my Facebook business page? What about yourself, you can have the same. Are you still struggling to accumulate one hundred likes on your page while having seven hundred connections in your network? You should not have to pay Facebook for likes and follows anymore.What about reviews? You have little or none.
Members in my connection have to be active. Not only do we like each other Facebook pages, but some of my relationships also have Linkedin pages, Pinterest pages and other social network pages that we would all want to grow. Let me be clear; we send those social media links around to our connections.

Frank Branker-SR Referral key

Social signals

No one knows if Google is using social media signals as ranking factors. Or, if  Google uses engagement and follower metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any of the other social media platform including Referral Key, to evaluate the authority of an individual domain.

That information together with all the different ranking signals is kept private. What we do know for a fact is that Google is working tenaciously on improving its own social platform with improvements to Google my Business, Google +, reviews and now they are offering new Google business customers a free website. You will have to be living under a rock if you can’t put it all together.

Social Network

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