Free Search Engine Citations

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Free Search Engine Citations

Free Search Engine Citations

This site is one of the many hundreds of business listings site in Canada and the U.S. that will give your business internet exposure and a free search engine citations. Digital marketers will never disclose this information for free.

Not sure if all of this works? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Check out our real-time search results page to see some of our listings live on Google. We are the only business listing website that will rank your business once on Google for a key phrase of our choice for free.

About the Big Listing Companies

You might be familiar with some of the bigger free listing site like kijiji,,,,, and the list goes on and on. For a matter of fact, I found twenty-four thousand (24000) results on a Google search. As a small businessman, this is where you should start before spending any money on paid search. Why should you list? Because Free is a good place to start if you’re a small business. I call it is risk-free marketing.

It’s also true that most of these listing companies will contact you about paid ads, you have the option to say yes or no. Some may even delete you listing after rejection, but the majority will leave your listing up for free, and that’s a fact.

Consider A Listing Service

If you don’t have the time to list your site, any digital marketing team that specializes in search visibility will be happy to do your listings for a price. If you’re interested in outsourcing you business listings, we recommend you use the Citation Building Service Whitespark. Whitespark is a reputable Canadian digital marketing firm specializing in directory listings, or Google Citation building would be the proper name.

Benefits of a Business NAP Listing Service

Google Citation

So, what is a Google Citation? A Google Citation is a simple listing of your name, address and phone number for your business as Google would see it on the internet. It’s also abbreviated as NAP. According to Whitespark, citations are a key factor in local search rankings. Experts agree that citations account for around 25% of all local ranking factors.

Backlinks & Outreach

We will kick start your link building campaign by providing you with a link from our listing back to your website. A backlink in brief, is an example of basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terminology. Small business owners frequently have difficulty grasping the concept of backlinks. Free Backlinks are critical components in the SEO realm. They’re 100 percent vital for any business website who are looking to do well on the Internet.

Ranking on Google search

At Business Nap we will never contact you about paid ads. What we will do is rank your business for a keyword of our choice, and when that happens, we will contact you to show you that our business model works. Don’t worry; we will never delete your site, it’s best for us to keep it listed so we can prove to prospective customers that our site has credibility and out business model works.

Risk-free Marketing

Free business listing websites are devoid of risk for companies. Marketing a business can often cost a substantial sum of money. Let’s face this fact; digital marketing could be expensive for a small business. However if your business could afford a marketing team, one of the first strategies they will do for your business is list it on the many free business sites on the Internet. Our listing service will give you additional exposure on the web and more

How many citations do you currently have on the web, do your know? You can check your citations flow using this local citation finder tool.